Free Copper Mobile Training Program
Strategy and Design
Business Analysis
Sales and Marketing

This program contains live training from Copper Mobile team with 2-hour sessions three times a week. After every training, there is a Q & A session.

Over the last 10 years at Copper Mobile, we have made a lot of friends, several of these industry experts (ex-employees, customers, board members etc) would love to collaborate and provide guest lectures. We have included that as a part of our curriculum.

Free 6-weeks Training Program

enabling learning by getting involved in live industry projects




Become a Strategist

Become an iOS Developer

Become a Business Analyst

Become a Marketing Representative

Become a UX

Become a UI

Become a Technical Content Writer

Become a Software Sales Representative

Why are we doing this training?


There are a lot of very smart people losing their jobs and facing difficulties, our heart goes out for them. This will help them transition (or at least get started) into a tech career where they can work from home in this new world that we will be living in.

Knowledge base

We have been creating mobile apps for over a decade now, while we have our systematic documented approach to delivering winning projects, we believe that by providing this training, we can accelerate the organization of our knowledge base.

Talent Acquisition

We are not sure what the post COVID 19 world would look like, we have a hypothesis that while things might slow down temporarily, the tech space would emerge as a very high growth sector. Digital transformation is inevitable while businesses learn to practice social distancing. We would love to have an option to tap into the talent pool that we are training now to deliver those solutions for the world.

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