Black Lives Matter

We are going through some tough times as a nation right now. We’ve reached a point in our country’s evolution where we can no longer suppress the issues of systemic racism and justice-for-some. America is about Justice for All. Period. It’s time – way past time – we get real and own our true history so that we can move forward in true Freedom. Freedom for All.

Copper Mobile was built on the principles of authenticity and equality, believing everyone should have an equal shot at success and happiness in this society. We recognize that even as we believe that in our individual hearts, it’s our responsibility as an organization to translate those principles to our corporate heart. Wrongdoing can only be undone by doing what’s right, not by so-called neutrality or hollow platitudes. We cannot fix everything, but we can address injustice and inequity where we find them. To do our part, Copper Mobile will continue our commitment to true equality by:

Connecting socially

Seeking out Black and other racially diverse professionals as board members to help us purposefully expand our corporate perspective

Connecting socially

Prioritizing the addition of Black and other POC to our staff at all levels

Connecting socially

Implementing Inclusion and Diversity training for all staff on an ongoing basis

May each of us seize this heightened moment to raise our individual awareness, our corporate awareness, and the nation’s awareness that Freedom and Justice are unequivocally for ALL.

In Solidarity
Arvind Sarin
Chairman & CEO

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