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Booker Transport is an owner-operator based refrigerated carrier in Amarillo, TX. The organization believes in providing independent solutions for delivering customers’ freight timely. One of the key differentiating factors that make Booker Transport stand out is its ability to provide the best lease options for their consumers. The organization is known for its customer satisfaction and yearly recognition.

The Business Problem

Booker Transport worked on a database called Power Pro, which had all the information about the drivers that worked with them. They were in dire need of an efficient transition from their CRM to an enterprise app for their business. The organization wanted to eradicate unwanted dependencies and limitations from their system.

Before the organization reached Copper Mobile for an advanced solution, they were facing challenges in managing the overall business. What they needed was better communication and networking amongst the drivers and administrators. Another major business challenge was a systematic flow of information and updates in the company.

The Engagement

With an experience of more than a decade of solving complex business challenges, we came up with innovative solutions for Booker Transport.The team of experts at Copper Mobile came up with a creative way to gamify the employee experience, and automate their daily operations. The app enabled easier allocation of trips, management of revenue and a better reporting platform for contract drivers helped the business grow marginally.

Booker Trans App enables an efficient analysis of the top performers, rank them for a healthy competition and reward them on a later stage.The app also incorporated a feature wherein the company could map the earnings of their drivers concerning the vans, and having the counters for the number

of drivers currently active (their completed trips monthly/ yearly), canceled trips (monthly/annually).

On technical grounds, we used MVVM architecture for both iOS and Android platforms. The decision to use Swift 5 for iOS and Kotlin for Android was based on the ease of usage, simpler code, and a more efficient layout.

In addition to that, the app also had the feature of push notifications to the drivers for regular reminders. Using the PnC technique, operators are benefitted from getting delivery projects near to their shared location quickly. The Booker Trans App was successful in building a seamless experience platform for both the user and the service provider.

The Result

Within a matter of only a few months, Copper Mobile was able to deliver an ideal solution to Booker Transport’s business challenges.The Booker Trans App resulted in better resource allocation, easy operator management, and saved a whole lot of time for the organization.

The Unified App Platform helped in building strong trust and relationships among the company and operators with a certain level of transparency. Reducing paperwork and offline efforts to manage contractor’s performances opened gates for a whole new experience of efficient user management.

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