Copper Mobile + Datascan = a winning combination - Copper Mobile

After announcing our exciting Best in Biz award win in December for Datascan’s DART Self-Scan Suite, the Copper Mobile team has won another award for the project! The Horizon Interactive Awards have awarded a silver placement to Copper Mobile for our work on the DART solution.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is a leading international media awards competition. The 13th annual competition saw over 1,200 entries from 27 countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and nearly all 50 states. Each entry for the award was judged by solution creativity and originality; overall graphic design, appearance and user experience; communication of message; technical merit; and the effectiveness of solution.

With DART, Datascan has revolutionized how self-scanning inventory solutions are developed and offered to the market. Through the adoption of the latest technology, Datascan’s solutions offers significant productivity gains, expanded feature sets and unlimited scalability.

Copper Mobile was immensely effective in achieving a level of control over the complexity of DART through the development of a configuration file. The team utilized technologies to ensure on-demand, dynamic deployment of configurations, file updates and feature sets. This eliminated much of the previous solution’s requirement for client-specific customization and reduced the overhead by almost 65 percent.

We are honored by the fantastic win in the international awards competition for our technology solutions, and looking forward to solving more issues in the space with our partners at Datascan.

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