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With a rise in number of applications and the corresponding increase in the number of technology updates, mobile app maintenance has become indispensable. A common myth regarding mobile applications is that once it is published on the App Store, the job of the developer and the client is complete.

The client’s idea is to increase the number of downloads and engagement on your platform. All this is possible when the app is up-to-date as the two most popular mobile operating platforms- Android and iOS release an update every year. It simply means that mobile applications have to be updated in accordance with these updates. So, then you would need to maintain your app.

We as a mobile app development company understand that maintenance is important and it just does not mean the upkeep of your house, vehicles or electronic devices. It means maintaining the mobile app to work seamlessly and have trouble free operations. Moreover, you do not want to trouble your users instead provide them with an effortless user experience. Additionally, maintenance means to keep the app up-to-date.

Update to the latest version of operating system

We are all aware that both, Android and Apple, keep updating their operating systems on a regular basis depending on the advancement of technology. There are always a few apps on the store that disappear after the release of a new version as they do not support the new versions.

For instance, both Apple and Android recently launched the latest versions of their mobile operating system. Apple launched iOS 11 and applications working with iOS 10 did not operate on the new version. While Android launched Android Oreo 8, all apps with earlier versions have to be updated to the new version.

Both Google and Apple, launch the beta versions before they the final version is launched. Our team helps the clients by providing a proactive audit to the users when the beta version is available. The development has a discussion with the client regarding the changes that have to made to keep the app up-to-date.

Things to keep in mind before you update your app

Improve software libraries

Our developers are well acquainted with the importance of software libraries in app creation. A software library is a pre written code, configuration, and routine.The developer updates or improves it. But all apps do not have software libraries and the ones which have must be completely up to date.

Update user interface (UI)

The design that looked great a couple of years back, will not have the same impact in the present time. It should be updated with time and should present a more sophisticated look. Your app will stand out if you are maintaining your app throughout.

Better user experience (UX)

For the app to rank among the top five apps in the App store, user experience becomes more than important. It is the deciding factor when people choose to download your app.

A study reveals that app maintenance plays a crucial role in generating more traffic and getting high ratings from the users. This statement is adequate enough for the importance of app maintenance and the success of your mobile application.

Technical enhancements

Mobile technology keeps changing which includes change in programming language, new platforms, technology and much more. When going for app maintenance, you will offer the latest version which will have changes on demand.

While maintaining the app, we are providing it a stable and secure platform. Today app security has become an essential aspect, keeping in view the increasing number of cyber threats. Your app will remain error free from a  technical point of view as well.

Regular app monitoring

App market is stringently competitive so in order to cope with high level of competition, app maintenance is important. App monitoring includes all the four types of maintenance namely adaptive, corrective, emergency and perfective. You need to monitor your app at regular intervals to check if it  is functioning efficiently and to make sure it remains bug free.


It is now crystal clear that app maintenance is extremely imperative if you want your app to succeed and rule the market. You need to ensure that users do not uninstall your app due to technical problems or any issues which can be resolved through maintenance.

Lastly, providing the latest version of the app should always be your priority. You can get in touch with our developers to know all about app maintenance and its cost.


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