Mobile App Development Examples - Anchor-Social media mobile app

The Business Problem

People love to go out and socialize, whether at bars, restaurants, concert venues, etc. But, it’s difficult to know what places are actually fun, and even harder to tell what places are fun right now. Anchor wanted to harness the droves of information individuals publish about themselves to social media networks and turn all that into an app that maximizes your night (or day) out.

The Engagement

Anchor initially partnered with another mobile developer to build its core product offering. After being massively overcharged by their developer, without an acceptable final build to show for it, Anchor partnered with Copper Mobile to clean up the mess, improve the existing architecture and technical infrastructure, and integrate all the relevant social media streams. Anchor needed a full-service mobile solutions partner that was an expert in U/I and U/X design, technical architecture, web console and database, iOS and Android development, API integration,

partner relations, and quality assurance to bring together all the relevant social media data and make it actionable for Anchor’s users. Copper Mobile also had to negotiate stand alone partnerships with foursquare for location tagging and Instagram for photo access, without which Anchor couldn’t exist. Through its partnership with Copper Mobile, Anchor pivoted away from a coupon and deal app to a discovery engine able to aggregate and prioritize location-tagged photo and review information to see exactly what spots in town were hot right then.

The Result

Copper Mobile had the unappetizing assignment of fixing another developer’s mistakes, as well as repairing Anchor’s confidence in what a mobile partner ought to be. But Copper Mobile saw the promise in Anchor’s concept — and the potential

of its founders — and knew we could bring their ideas to life in a beautiful, intuitive solution. Anchor, with Copper Mobile’s expertise and support, built an app that has changed the way people plan (and live) their social lives.

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